Keynote speakers


Eva Ageberg PhD, Professor in Physiotherapy

Topic: ''Injury Prevention in Youth sports: moving from knowledge to practice''

Research profile 
Research focus is in the area of prevention and management of injuries related to sport and exercise. Research aims to assess effects of injury on function from a physical and psychological perspective; develop and evaluate clinically feasible outcome measures; assess whether good muscle function has a protective role for a first injury and/or for further joint problems; develop and evaluate new intervention strategies; and implement evidence-based interventions.


Cristina Staub, PhD, Physiotherapist, Switzerland

Topic: Sleep, Mental Health and Physiotherapy 

Sleep problems predispose, precipitate and perpetuate many other diseases. It is not only related to mental health problems, but also to chronic pain, to fatigue, to neurologic, immunologic, metabolic or cardiovascular diseases; these parameters influence each other in complex vicious circles.





Sarah Copsey

will talk about the 2020-22 campaign 'Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load', run by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA). The campaign aims to raise awareness of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and the importance of preventing them. The objective is to encourage employers, workers and other stakeholders to work together to prevent MSDs. Work-related MSDs are a cause for concern not only because of their effects on the health of individual workers but also because of their impact on businesses and national economies.

Work-related MSDs are one of the most common causes of disability and sick leave and are the most commonly recognised occupational disease in countries including France, Italy, Latvia and Spain. Workers with MSDs tend to be absent from work more often.


Caroline M. Speksnijder, PT, MSc, MMPT, PhD, University Medical Center and University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, member of the Dutch Scientific Physical Board, and vice-president of WCPT IPT-HOPE, Netherland


Topic: ''Exercises testing and training considerations for cancer survival rehabilitation''




Paulina Liskala, The Finnish Association of Physiotherapists, Vice-President, International Association of Physiotherapists Working with Older People - IPTOP representative member


Topic: ''Actions in physiotherapy to promote health throughout the lifespan in persons with diabetes'' 




Eva Ekvall Hansson, PhD, Associate Professor, senior lecturer and  Excellent Teaching Practitioner at the research group Physiotherapy, Department of Health Sciences, Lund University, Sweden.

Topic: ''Modern Technology in Rehabilitation''

Research profile: Research focus concerns dizziness, vertigo and balance deficits, also osteoarthritis and patient education. Performs research within the field of stroke-rehabilitation in primary health care, within falls and falls prevention among older persons as well as research within the field of higher education. In recent years, her research field includes the use of modern technology in rehabilitation and in falls prevention. Member of the former Baltic Network for Primary Health Care. Lecturer at the Physiotherapy programme, at the Masters Programme in Medical Sciences and at commissioned courses in vertigo and dizziness, administered by Lund University.



Lithuanian Physiotherapy Association


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