LFA logoThe Latvian Association of Physiotherapists is a professional body founded in December 5, 1995. There are around 1270 members in the Association.

Association promotes the profession and serves its members on all levels. It promotes health care improvement, cooperation between different professional and research bodies in health care, social care and education.

In Latvia, physical therapy is protected by law - title of "physiotherapist" and professional functions are legally defined. The physiotherapist is legally responsible for his or her own professional actions. Latvian citizens are entitled to get treatment from a physiotherapist if they need it.

The Latvian Association of Physiotherapists is a member organisation of WCPT and ER-WCPT since 1999.

There are 3 schools of physiotherapy in Latvia, two in Riga, one in Daugavpils. Information on admission criteria can be obtained in schools:

The physiotherapist certification exam has two parts:

1. Theoretical part – multiple choice questions covering the certification exam program.

The main parts of the certification exam program include:

  • Basics of physiotherapy;
  • Physiotherapy evaluation methods, analysis, goal setting of physiotherapy treatment;
  • Physiotherapy treatment methods;
  • Clinical physiotherapy;
  • Health promotion and prevention, dosing of physical activities, health sports.

The theoretical part of the certification exam is passed if the physiotherapist has correctly answered at least 75% of the multiple choice questions.

Work and entry permits are issued by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs:

Professional recognition of foreign qualifications:

Member since 1999


Latvijas Fizioterapeitu asociācija

Veczariņu iela 12, Rāmava

Ķekavas pagasts, Rīgas rajons

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